Legacy Foundation Fundraisers

You can help support the Cowboy Campground @Legacy Park by purchasing:

Fundraisers for Legacy Park

To continually improve Legacy Park, we need help from the community to grow and to preserve.

We are an Idaho Nonprofit and a 501(c)3 which will allow you to benefit from tax deductible donations to our trust. We are interested in your thoughts and always looking into ways to be creative in our fund-raising needs and growth.

We also accept Corporate gifts that agree with our values and improve the park to benefit not only the community but everyone that visits an​d stays at Cowboy Campground and enjoys Legacy Park.

Here are a few additional ideas to help out at our park.

Merchandise Orders

Campsite Cups $15 & Shipping if out of the area - See picture above.

Memory Benches

Benches represent more than just a place to sit, they can represent someone dear to you that has passed. We allow you to purchase a bench, have it engraved to commemorate individuals, events or organization, or your favorite horse that has passed. The style and option of the bench can be discussed with our representative and shall be made of materials and style to please the area and withstand the climate of the mountains. We will show you areas the bench can be placed on the grounds to be of service. The price for benches varies, but start at $800 from a reputable company. We will help with ordering and make sure you approve of everything.

Individual Campsites
We are proud of everyone that sponsored an individual campsite in 2020 and are continuing with a few more special sites. We will take you on a tour to show you which spaces could be adorned with your name and what you are receiving for your sponsorship of a site.
All sites will receive a sign showing your affiliation, a brand new special made table and fire ring. In addition horse campsites will receive new panels for a double pen 12x24.

The sites cost: $1,200 for a regular site
$2,000 for Horse setup campsite.

Western Style Buildings, Yurts for Glamour Tents
Help campers stay in style by sponsoring one of the above.
This would also allow us to have more non-profit organizations bring their kids up for youth camps at no charge and have a place to dry camp.

The buildings can be StorMor styled structures that potentially can be moved and will not be placed on permanent foundation.
(We are willing to have donations moved at our cost, do you have a storage shed no longer used, we will give you a donation receipt for your taxes as a donation!)

Yurts or larger hunting tents can be found good used or purchased new, we will certainly help with all the ordering, freight if need be and setting them up for each season and stored for the winter months to keep them in good working order

Shower and Toilet Facilities for the Future
We are setting up a special trust account to fund-raise for one of our biggest challenges, adding facilities for larger events, youth and church camps and Bible Rodeo Camps.

Any monetary donation will be put in this trust until the funds are raised for the construction.
Or, if a corporation is willing to donate the facility needed, Legacy Park will certainly make sure it will be commemorated with the sponsor names.

The Impact of Volunteers

Want to help by sharing your expertise? Earn hours for volunteering with us.

We always have projects that we need volunteer help with.
From building walking trails, building or remodeling some of our little buildings, we are grateful for the time our volunteers give to us.
Like to garden and want to help improve the grounds?
Have the know-how to build wood fences?

Have experience in Grant Writing, know of sources we should follow up with?
Hard-to-find donors? Charities? Grants?
Every lead is appreciated.

Event Fundraisers
Team up with Cowboy Campground and Legacy Park to produce charity events to benefit your cause and help Legacy Park grow.

Current Campsite Sponsors

Here are the campsites that have been sponsored to date.
We are extremely grateful to our Campsite Sponsors and their generosity to our great Cowboy Campground. Thank You!

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